Family News

I would like to thank everyone who helped make this site possible.  If I did not have help from People Like Shannon O’Hara-Hayworth who contributed her fact to this project, we would not have the precious information on the Arbour Family.  Shannon’s Great Grandfather was Emilie Arbours Brother.  So we are cousins.  Emilie Arbour is Sania’s Mother.    ~ THANK YOU ~


Special Thanks to Jennifer at the The North Bay Museum who has provided me with the only existing digital image of  McCarthy Bus Lines Fair  Ticket. 

Congratulations to Judy and Ken winners on the Lotto 649.  Winning a very nice prize.

Gerry McCarthy and Yvonne McCarthy are the families newest an only millionaires.  There may be others but there not telling us!  ~Congratulations~

Norman McCarthy can be remembered by family as a funny man who liked to freak kids out by taking out his glass eye.  He also attempted to coach the kids into wrestling matches when WWF was not on TV.

There was a Land grant Located for Marie Louise Graveline,  After many requests we have managed to track down the parcel of land.  There was a 100 acre Land grant given to Doseth Pigeau, and then passed down to his wife after his death in 1909.  Marie Louise sold the Land to Pascal Levesque for $100.00 ( 50 Acres of it Anyway and the Other 50 Acres was sold to another family for the same price.  So she sold 100 acres of land for $200.00.  I guess that was a lot of money back in those days.  It was quite and adventure getting this documentation! 

There are rumors that he had some land in the Algonquin provincial park area,  I suspect this was involved with his prospectors license.  After speaking with several family members I believe Norman was only prospecting rock for use in our house at Lot #76, Jocko Point, Nippissing First Nation.  But Norm thinks and insists there is more to it!  Maybe more research with the Land Registry office or the Ministry of Natural Resources of Ontario Office.

I've always been told that somehow we are related to  The Dionne Quintuplets ,  I suspect it is through the HOULE Line this connection occurs.  I have not yet found the common ancestor,  but will let you all know when I do.

There were reports of UFO's in the North Bay area during the 60's- 70's ; has anyone witnessed any sightings? If so please forward your story.  Any other strange occurrences are also Welcome.

The ad in the British Sun, Looking for Lenard Gascoigne, returned Nothing. The shelalee  That Lenard gave to my Mom & Dad  while he was here in Canada.  I am attempting to write to some of the people who signed it, to see if they can tell me anything about him!